Brian Paddick selected to lead Team London as 2012 London Mayoral candidate

London Liberal Democrats is pleased to announce that following a ballot of our members, Brian Paddick has been selected to be our candidate in the London Mayoral Election 2012.

Brian Paddick said:

“I want to thank the returning officer for the impartial and professional way he has run this selection process and I want to thank my fellow candidates for engaging in a high standard of debate throughout the campaign. I also want to thank my excellent team without whom I would not have been selected. Most of all, I want to thank London Liberal Democrat members who placed their trust and confidence in me to be their candidate for Mayor of London – I won’t let you down.

“I am excited to be joining an excellent team of Assembly Candidates for the 2012 Greater London Authority elections. My number one priority is to improve the image and standing of the party in the eyes of the public, with a view to securing the maximum number of votes for the Liberal Democrats in the 2012 elections and beyond.
“I am determined to work as a team with the other candidates to present one distinctive Lib Dem agenda for London but we cannot do this without your help. That is why, over the next four months, I hope to visit every local party in London, to meet the activists whose support we rely on year after year and to raise as much money as possible for the campaign ahead. I know from personal experience how tough the GLA Elections are for us as a party and next year will be no exception. I promise to devote myself full-time between now and May to securing the best possible result for the Liberal Democrats and with your help, we can deliver the best result we have ever had in the history of the GLA elections.
Caroline Pidgeon, leader of the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly, said
“I am delighted that Brian has been chosen as our Mayoral candidate and will join me in leading our campaign for the 2012 Mayor and London Assembly elections. Brian brings with him experience of policing in London. I look forward to campaigning with him right across the capital as we promote the Liberal Democrat message for London.”


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