UCLU Question Time

UCL Lib Dem President Ben Meggit & UCLU Debating Society Chair Ayub Hanif

Christopher Ingold Auditorium, UCL
Tuesday 29th November, 19.00-20.30
£1 entry non-members
UCLU Lib Dems, Conservatives & Labour Societies + Independent Chair (UCLU Debating Society) and panellists from Pi Media and UCLU Econ & Finance Society

-What role should Britain play in the ongoing Arab spring?

-Has the Euro crisis changed Britain’s place in the EU?

-Where next for tuition fees?

-Does Britain need to be more democratic?

-Do we need a British Bill of Rights?

-Will NHS reform lead to better healthcare?

-Would stricter financial regulation kill the City?

All these issues and more were addressed in our student version of the BBC’s popular political programme Question Time!

The event was organised by the UCLU Liberal Democrats Society, and brought together a wide range of societies from across UCLU: creating lively and interesting debate. In line with the show’s standard format, the Presidents of the UCLU’s Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats societies represented the three major political parties. They were joined by the Political Editor of Pi who will gave a non-partisan media perspective, the Economic and Finance President who represented business and industry, and the President of the Debating Society as an impartial Chair.

The event was a huge success, with close to a hundred students turning up to watch and lots of audience participation. Thanks to everyone who came & got involved!


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