On the Campaign Trail

So what have London Liberal Youth been up to? Our series of talks examining Liberal Democrat identity and how coalition affects this have now finished – we heard from Deputy Leader Simon Hughes at UCL; Former Chief Sec and key negotiator of the Coalition Agreement David Laws at LSE; and finally Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne at SOAS.

Now we are concentrating entirely on getting out on the doorstep for the Mayoral & GLA elections in only a few weeks time. We’ve also had a number of by-elections, including Dollis Hill where we beat Labour in the ward next door to where Ken Livinstone lives!

This weekend we have been out with Energy Secretary Ed Davey, our GLA Leader Caroline Pidgeon and SW London campaigner Munira Wilson. Recently we took part in an Action Day in Tom Brake MP’s constituency.

Liberal Youth Action Days (and campaigning in general) are not just a good laugh and way of getting practical on-the-ground skills, but also a great way to meet London Lib Dems, and give something back to the party. It’d be great to see you at one soon.


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