Regional Executive Elections

Once the Mayoral & GLA Elections are out of the way (and Liberal Youth’s national elections) we are planning to hold our annual elections for a Regional Executive for London. These positions will need to be approved/confirmed by an AGM, but the proposed positions for 2012/13 are listed below. Please start thinking about if you might be interested in running, and feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more/discuss. Happy to look at manifestos.

London Regional Chair (elected in annual Liberal Youth elections)

Regional Executive

Vice Chair

Treasurer (also Fundraising Ctte Chair)

Social Secretary/Events Officer

Diversity Champion

Women’s Officer

Membership Development & Recruitment Officer

Press & Communications Officer

Local Parties Convenor

Campaigns Committee Chair (+up to 12 members)

Policy Committee Chair (+up to 12 members)

+ Borough Chairs for each of 32 GLA Boroughs

+ Area Convenors (Central, North, East, South, West)

+ University Branch Chairs (elected separately)

FOR DETAILED JOB ROLES: London Liberal Youth constitution


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