Fair and Square – protecting Free School Meals

London Liberal Youth would like to express our support for the report “Fair and Square” by the Children’s Society, emphasizing the absolute importance of children from all backgrounds – but especially those living in poverty – to be well fed, and the crucial role the Free School Meals program plays in delivering this.

We recognize and share the concerns raised in the report that the introduction of Universal Credit next year could potentially endanger the scope and delivery of Free School Meals, and want to play our part in making sure this does not happen.

Whilst we broadly support the coalition government’s attempts to simplify the benefits system, and cut administration costs with the introduction of a Universal Credit, Liberal Democrats are collectively anxious at the announcement of a further £10bn of welfare cuts announced in the budget, and as was reported in yesterday’s Guardian we are seeking to find these savings elsewhere as much as is possible.

We certainly do not want to see these cuts fall on children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, and programs like Free School Meals. As such we will be lobbying our MPs and Ministers within the party, as well as joining with the Children’s Society and others to secure funding and political support for the continued delivery of the Free School Meals program.

Please consider signing and sharing their petition here.



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