Liberal Youth launches Gold Guard


Today Liberal Youth launched their campaign to ensure Liberal Democrats are elected this May, and begin the foundations for the General Election campaign.

Paddy Ashdown, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has been put in charge of running the General Election campaign and we want to help him out.

The Gold Guard is a community of young liberal campaigners, empowering themselves by learning new skills in a fun, welcoming environment.   Liberal Youth recognise that cost is often a barrier to younger members campaigning, that is why each event will help keep those costs as low as possible.  Furthermore in recognising that younger members are also busy around election times, Liberal Youth now has its own connect account to allow phone canvassing from anywhere in the country. More on that soon though!

By targeting certain areas of the country which are close races, a large Liberal Youth presence can make all the difference between 1st and 2nd.

Our targets:

South West – This is a chance to take control of county councils from the Conservatives, and turn the region yellow.  We already showed in Eastleigh we can beat the Conservatives and its time to do it again!  For this we can provide reasonable pre-agreed travel expenses, £10 a day for food and accommodation.  Sign up with your friends here!

Northumberland – We are currently the largest party on the council, with both Labour and Conservatives a close 2nd.  We need to show we can still win in the North and ensure Liberal Democrats are still in charge of vital local services.  For this we can provide reasonable pre-agreed travel expenses, £10 a day for food and accommodation.  Sign up with your friends here!

Sheffield – This is a one off action weekend for a council by-election in Nick Clegg’s constituency on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April.  The weekend will include a small training session and last two days.  With the margin of votes in this election being so small, Liberal Youth really can make all the difference.  For this we can provide food and accommodation.  Sign up here!

Cambridge – On the weekend 19-21 April we’ll be heading to Cambridge to campaign with Julian Huppert MP.  To ensure Julian is re-elected in 2015 the local party need good results in May, and we need to get their back.  Food and accommodation will be provided.  Sign up here!

Facebook events can be found for all by clicking on the links.  For all these events you must complete the sign up forms.

Liberal Youth have the chance to make a difference again this May, in a fun and engaging way.  It’s a time to learn skills, meet new people and of course, win!

So follow #GoldGuard on twitter, join the vitual campaign HQ on facebook and read our making a difference blog to get a feel of the next month.

See you out there!


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