Regional Executive

London Liberal Youth is a team of people campaigning across London to elect more Liberal Democrats, promote our policies and expand and develop the party in different communities.

Much of this is work is undertaken by local branches (in each of the 32 London boroughs), but we also have a Regional Executive to coordinate what we do across London and develop specific areas.

Interim Executive Positions

View the manifestos here

London Chair – Craig O’Donnell

The regional chair is the principal executive officer, responsible for the leadership of London Liberal Youth and cooperation beyond the region.

Campaigns Officer – Dean Hyatt

The campaigns officer is responsible for organising London Liberal Youth’s campaigning work. This includes direct campaigning on policy issues as well as campaigning for the party in elections.

Membership Development Officer – Jaspreet Mahal

The Membership Development Officer is responsible for membership engagement and growth. This includes both individual members and London Liberal Youth’s network of branches across London.

Policy Officer – William Dyer

The Policy Officer’s job is to work closely with the London Liberal Democrats to ensure that the voice of young people and students is heard on policy matters.

Events Officer – Joshua Dixon

The Events Officer is responsible for organising events for members. This includes, amongst other things, social events and talks by parliamentarians.

Diversity Officer – Christopher Akinleye

The Diversity Officer is responsible for ensuring that London Liberal Youth is open, accessible and welcoming to everyone.


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