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Free Belarus Now!


This Wednesday (5th December) we were protesting for human rights outside the Embassy of Bealrus. Belarus is known as “Europe’s Last Dictatorship” and Alexander Lukashenko has been in power since 1994.

This is a follow up to Liberal Youth’s earlier “Bears for Belarus” campaign and was covered by Charter97 and others: http://charter97.org/en/news/2012/12/6/62384/


Free Pussy Riot!

Members of London Liberal Youth, and Liberals across London would like to use this opportunity to express our support and solidarity for members of Russian punk group Pussy Riot.

In the wake of verdict finding them guilty of “Hooliganism motivated by religious hatred” we stand together with thousands of protesters across the world decrying this violation of the most basic human right of freedom of expression.


To follow updates on the trial, verdict and global reaction check out the following links:



Bears for Belarus

Liberal Youth’s solidarity campaign to highlight human rights abuses taking place in Belarus – Europe’s Last Dictatorship: #BearsforBelarus


Alexender Lukashenka, President of Belarus, is known as ‘Europe’s last dictator’. Lukashenka has now turned his authoritarian regime on soft toys.

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Liberal Youth forum on Belarus

On Monday 6th February a packed room at the National Liberal Club took part in a forum on Belarus, co-hosted by Liberal Youth and Liberal International British Group.  The event covered a wide range of the problems the country currently faces; such as an oppressive dictatorship, lack of human rights and failing economy.

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