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Liberal Youth welcome 3.5% increase in UCAS applications

Liberal Youth welcomes the news that UCAS is reporting an increase in university applications, and especially welcomes the continuing trend of young people from poorer background going to university more. With people from disadvantaged backgrounds being 80% more likely to attend a higher education institution this is a major step in creating a fairer and more liberal society.

“The news that university applications have increased is truly fantastic. That the young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are increasingly going to university.

Liberal Youth believe no matter where you come from you should have the freedom to achieve in life and often university is a gateway to achievement.

We now need to push for a more progressive maintenance loan system to ensure students can afford rising rent and living costs bills.  That way we can continue to remove barriers to higher education.”

The increase in applications can be seen as a testament to the work of Liberal Democrats in government to creating a creating a fairer and more equal society and in improving the systems that were left by the previous Labour administration.

The Liberal Democrat changes to tuition fees are a vast improvement on the old Labour system. The Institute for Fiscal Studies found that the poorest 29% of students were better off under the new system and that it was “ substantially more progressive” than the old Labour system as the richest students were likely to pay back ten times as much as the poorest students.


UCAS figures & the Tuition Fees myth

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have had a tough time over tuition fees, so it must’ve been some consolation when he stood the dispatch box this afternoon and declared:

“On the all important issue – the number of applications to university – in the recent UCAS figures… the proportion of English school leavers applying to university is in fact the second highest on record.

Not only this, but:

“The percentage of 18yr olds from disadvantaged areas applying to university – according to the figures we’ve seen overnight – is higher than at any time under the Labour government.

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UCL Lib Dems host Baroness Susan Kramer

In their first public talk of the year, UCL Liberal Democrat society recently hosted Baroness Susan Kramer, who is patron of the UCL society.

The event was a huge success, with many new & old faces coming long, and a lot of interest generated for future events – including a talk from former Camden PPC Jo Shaw, a visit to Parliament & inter-society debates/Question Time.

Check the UCL branch page to find out more about upcoming events.