Your Executive

The Liberal Democrats are organised as a federal organisation – in London we have the London Regional Executive, and local parties in the 32 GLA boroughs.

If there is a local Liberal Youth branch in your borough it will be listed under this tab, along with a link to the local Liberal Democrat party’s website.

If there isn’t a Liberal Youth branch in your area, and you’d like to think about setting one up then please see our page “Setting up a branch”

Chair – Craig O’Donnell (25)

Location: Ealing, Perivale

Campaign Officer– Dean Hyatt (18)

About Me: Ex-tory I defected in May (2013) and am a follower of the Austrian School of Economics. My Classical Liberal values have lead me to the liberal democrats from the tory party, favouring a party that protects civil liberties. I blog at DASHPolitiek.

What I do: I organise and promote london-wide Liberal youth Campaigns, sorting out our resources, priorities and help local boroughs win in their target wards and wards that have our LY members.

Location: Ealing, Ealing Common 

Membership Officer– Jas Mahal (18)

Location: Ealing, Southall

Events Officer– Josh Dixon (“”)

Location: Hillingdon

About Me: I joined the party back in 2009 and have since been an active campaigner across London. I have served on the Liberal Youth executive as well as Chairing my local party. I am a proud progressive and promoter of social liberal values in the party, which I do with the Social Liberal Forum where I sit on the exec.

What I do: I organise and promote events for London Liberal Youth. Ranging from social gatherings to the more politicised events

Communications Officer– William Edwards (“”)


Policy Officer– William Dyer (“”)


Diversity Officer– Chris Kolawole Akinleye (“”)



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